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                           A Message From JB
From the end of December I have decided to step down from the JB Jazz & Blues Band and follow a less arduous course in my musical pursuits.
This means that our gig at JB's Jazz Club on 30th December will be the last local performance that we shall give. I must stress that we are parting as the best of friends, and state publicly that the 23 years that the band has been in existence has given me so many proud, happy, and enjoyable memories that will live with me for ever. I intend to keep this web site active in order to report on the jazz club and the activities that the ex members of the band are engaged on so that you can keep in touch.
I should also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to my late wife Kath, who did so much over the years to help me cope with the complicated administration tasks that running a band these days involves. She is very sadly missed.
Finally I extend my sincere thanks to all of those people who have supported us over the years, by booking us, following us and just being such wonderful audiences.